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Mar 30, 2013 4:30am PDT
secretary of defense william perry, i first met when he was the deputy secretary of defense, and he and mrs. perry came to korea where i was the c5j5 and i was assigned to escort them around. and i had a lot of those kinds of duties while i was assigned to korea. but it was the most pleasant experience i had and i say that honestly, to get to know these two people. and he then became our secretary of defense. and many of us that have served thought that he was one of the best secretary of defenses we've ever had. he's currently a senior fellow at the hoover institute and a freeman foley institute of international studies. he is the michael and barbara bavarian professor at stanford university and serves as co-director of the nuclear risk reduction initiative and preventive defense project. please help me welcome our speaker this morning, former secretary of defense william perry. (applause) >> what a pleasure it is to be aboard this symbol of america's millery power, the uss macon island. what a pleasure it is to be among the men and women of our armed forces and the men and women of the fi
Apr 4, 2013 6:00am EDT
and the opportunities that exist to fundamentally reshape defense enterprises to better reflect 21st century realities. ndu is inappropriate venue for this discussion today because the success of these efforts ultimately rests on the the success of these efforts ultimately rests on the abilities and judgments of our military and civilian leaders. those here today will make those decisions and those judgments. as president dwight eisenhower said during a visit to the ground more than 50 years ago, and i quote, the wise and prudent resources required by the the defense calls for extraordinary skill in measuring the military, political, and economic and social machinery of our modern life so that the greatest effective use is made of resources with a minimum of waste and misapplication. as a former army officer who graduated from this campus shortly before the onset of the great depression, eisenhower knew of what he spoke. 2013ecurity landscape of is a far different character than the world of 1960, or even the world of a few years ago. but eisenhower's words still ring true today. t
Apr 4, 2013 12:00am PDT
. thank you so much. thanks, david. >> thank you. >>> is the new secretary defense nightmare or a radical reformer who will tame the defense department? he gave us a big hint today. that's coming up. >>> an update to the story about arkansas oil pipeline which spilled thousands of gallons of crude. congressman tim griffin, who represents the affected area, and who supports the keystone pipeline said in a radio interview today, well, first of all, pipelines, despite this accident, just like we have car accidents, despite this accident, pipelines are the safest way to move oil, they are safer than moving it in trucks and on a train. i think some people are trying to say, well, if there's a car crash, no more cars. if there's an accident with a pipeline, no more pipeline. if we follow that logic, we are all going to be riding bicycles. our invitation to congressman griffin to be a guest on our show stands. we can talk about bicycles. >>> now as we say in this business for something completely different, this is a duck penis, and that is a fascinating thing. the phalluses are corkscrew shaped
Apr 1, 2013 1:25am EDT
but all convictions police corruption prosecutorial overreaching underlying racism incompetent defense counsel and a variety of reasons that these categories fall into place pretty much every case falls into those slots. >>host: why are you riding a book called "grave injustice"? >> to use my voice for change was a public defender and in those-- i saw mistakes made in the criminal-justice system and it just seems that communication is the vehicle to raise awareness and educate individuals to move public opinion in the direction of what i consider >> to use any of your cases? >> not that i worked on while in the public defender's office made it this far but i do rightabout cases i had as a chance to study the lawyers and individuals involved, a family members, journalists members, journalists, they don't come from my personal experience per se but in depth knowledge. >> the dna technology is that beneficial to defendants? >> it can be when a fellow on my book is the first person exonerated from death row across the country. 1993 based on the and a. it came to him as he was reading a mys
Apr 4, 2013 6:00am PDT
korea's defense minister says they appear to have put a medium range ballistic missile into position. it's their latest threat in response to ongoing u.s./south korean military drills. defense minister kim kwan-jin spoke at parliamentary committee meeting. >> translator: it's not a long-range missile but it has considerable range. it could be for test firing or for drills. >> a recent u.s. intelligence image shows what looks like a ballistic missile being moved by train to east coast of north korea. the location of a launch site. kim's description matches that of a midrange missile known as musdun. the north koreans unveiled it in 2010 during a military parade. its estimated range of 3,000 to 5,000 kilometers puts it in striking distance of japan and a u.s. base on the pacific island of guam. south korean officials say they cannot rule out the possibility that authorities in pyongyang will fire the missile. they say they're closely monitoring activity in the north and are in contact with the u.s. and japan. >>> north korean authorities are making move on another front. they barred south
Apr 3, 2013 10:00am EDT
institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> defense secretary chuck hagel speaks today at the national defense university at fort mcnair here in washington d.c. he plans to discuss this dj and fiscal challenges. we will have live coverage of his remarks starting at 12:30 p.m. eastern. president obama heads to colorado today. he will talk about the state's newly passed gun control laws. he will be at the denver police academy to for universal background checks as well as for congress to at least vote on assault weapons ban and limit some large capacity magazines. it begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern and we will have live coverage here on c-span. tonight, a look at protest troops in america. we recently talked with the code pink cofounder on how protest movements fit into the political discussion. we want to get your reaction to the conversation with your phone call, tweets, and facebook comments. a brief look at what you will see. >> i am very pleased to be joined by my wife kathy and my brother tom. >> i speak for the mothers -- pakistan and
FOX News
Apr 2, 2013 12:00pm PDT
denied the defense0s motion for a mistrial. here's the back story. the defense attorney claimed this juror -- sorry -- this prosecutor on the screen now, had been taking pictures and signing autographs for fans outside the courthouse. how very ego. the judge asked every juror about that matter and the defense argued that juror number five, who name we don't know but have a description, engaged in misconduct during the closed hearing, potentially swaying the rest of the jury. what just happened is the judge kicked out juror number five. but the trial continues. of course, jodi arias testified she killed her ex in self-defense. she remembers the shooting part but can't remember stabbing him, not once or ten times or 7 times and doesn't remember taking the notify and slitting his throat open. adam houseley is in our newsroom. this is a surprise. reporter: a flurry of activity this morning, and as i was sitting down, the judge turned to the jury and said, you're going to be going out a different door, you're going to be guarded. we'll keep you away phloem front of the courthouse. we
Apr 1, 2013 6:50am EDT
as the fact that most of the out of theend comes department of defense. >> it is national defense. we spend so much more on national defense than any country. you can add of many countries and you would be pressed to find their military spending equals ours. >> growth in social security and medicare. someone will have to pay the bill. that bill is based on all of us. through our taxes and payroll, as ashley payroll taxes for social security and medicare. those programs are the most significant spending problems. they dwarf any problems we may dream of with regards to food stamps, housing assistance, welfare, osha will support, -- social support, the scapegoats for federal government problems. >> the federal government budget is like a federal -- family budget is that it goes up on small things like groceries. and the federal government, cutting back the mall things will make a difference and pr ograms. if you could cut spending from the overfunded programs, which programs would you redirect the money to? >> take it away from military ending and invest it in the nations infrastructure, roads, t
Apr 4, 2013 1:00am EDT
live. omorrow night here onh c-span. up, defense secretary chuck hagel speaks out on the national -- speaks out at the national defense university. president obama speaks about gun violence in a visit to numbeden. and henry paulson on china. in a ways out there with respectable -- that respectable women did not do. this was a time when the women's movement is underway. interestingly enough, someone is veryia tyler conservative in some ways, but in terms of breaking from traditional ways that a woman should behave, she is doing it in a way that other women are not at that time. >> our conversation on julia tyler, the second wife of president john tyler is available on our website, c- that is really significant this has been preserved all of these years. i'm one point, there were several of these mounds around the valley. only a couple of them have survived. most of the mounds were much smaller. .t's just around survives also also's sister mound survives. this great mound has survived. it gives us an opportunity to study and learn about their lifestyle and hope
Apr 1, 2013 2:00am PDT
the money to buy the best defense they co. and he needed it. kevin's lawyers knew their client had become the local poster boy for evil. >> when you've got something that was this, this serious that is this bad, this girl was brutally murdered. >> somebody's got to pay. >> somebody has to pay. >> somebody, but not kevin said attorney michael robins. they said the read out of that polygraph to an independent expert who said that the questions seemed designed to make sure kevin failed. the rest of the state's evidence didn't wash either. that bloody palm print, bill bristow agreed it was kevin's hand print. he was trying to save his girlfriend's life, so of course he touched the light bulb. >> it is a totally innocent situation. the blood got on the light bulb at the time the body was discovered. >> when he was trying to revive her. touched the light bulb. >> the emt said the lamp was within a foot of the body. >> more disturbing, the evidence not collected by the police. said the defense, first time homicide detective mark frost and the other officers of the department mucked up the case r
Apr 3, 2013 7:00pm PDT
>>> a clear danger. the u.s. secretary of defense warns of the threats from north korea and outlines the american response. chuck hagel has been on the job for just over a month but during that time the u.s. defense secretary has heard daily propagations. they will warn u.s. targets and those of their allies and they've done so again. >> some of the actions they have taken these last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to the interest certainly of our allies. >> commanders at the pentagon say they will deploy a missile defense system to guam. they need to increase defenses against a possible attack. state media broadcast soon after hagel spoke. they would inform the u.s. government they had approved a possible nuclear strike. america's hostile policy would be smashed. >>> residents of singapore are noticing another sign in the region. the visit highlights president obama's decision to focus more on the asia pacific. >> reporter: the aircraft carrier has been docked at singapore since monday. the ship is on its way back to the west coast of the u.s. follo
Apr 4, 2013 7:00am EDT
north korean with a foreign policy writer. then, former defense undersecretary and the former ambassador to south korea. unites military remains an essential tool of american power. what must be used for security hallenges today. >> secretary chuck hagel yesterday while most of this morning's "washington journal" will be devoted to looking at north korea. we want to start off a little more broadly and get your views on the role of the u.s. military worldwide. here is the "new york times" article reporting on defense cretary hagel's speech yesterday. budget con strants forcing an overhaul in military operations, hagel says. facing inevitable steep cuts in military spending even as globalt threats remain high. said wednesday that he is being forced to consider fundamental changes in how the pentagon defends american interests and conducts its daily business. in his first major address as secretary -- addressing an audience, mr. hagel offered no specific cancellations, trims or shifts in pentagon spending accounts, >> host: again, role of the u.s. military worldwide is our topic
FOX News
Mar 31, 2013 11:00pm PDT
: defense secretary chuck hagel responding to north korea's threat of war against the u.s. and south korea. and it is time for our sunday group, bill kristol of the weekly standard. mara liasson of national public radio. republican strategist ed gillespie and charles lane of the washington post. kim jong un was quoted friday as ordering missile units to be ready to strike the u.s. and south core remarks. >> the photo was released. kim meeting with top north korean generals with a chart showing the trajectory of the missiles hitting major american cities. bill, what is kim's game? >> who onos but it is not good. they murdered, starved mels of their own people that regime and how to proliferated nuke weapons. the israeli strike on the syrian nuclear plant in 2007 that was given to them by north korea. even if you discount north korea, they are containable, they with proliferate weapons of mass destruction and guess what, iran and north korea have h historic relationships and north korea is short of cash and could sell the weapons to terrorist groups. the threat of north korea is very real. >
Mar 29, 2013 5:00am EDT
. >> this market, especially in the first quarter, the best offense is a good defense. the defensive sectors led one of the most bizarre quarters in that the market was up 10% and health care staples up even more. today, the theme continued. you saw amgen, biogen, gilead, hitting all time highs. i was long amgen, i sold it this week. that's a big move for -- >> the leadership has been from health care? >> what concerns me -- >> staples in terms of stocks. >> what concerns me more than the price action is the fact that earnings, earnings going forward are actually not going to be that strong, and we've seen that from fedex, from oracle, but also if you look at some of the more cyclical sectors globally such as materials and energy, we haven't seen the strength. >> hi there. >> hi. >> there are a few things i like to live by. >> such as? >> you don't fight land wars in asia, people learn that the hard way. you don't get takeout food on a monday, especially after a holiday. >> why not? >> it's all the leftover garbage. >> okay. >> -- a doorway. >> or that. >> how about something that pertains to th
Apr 4, 2013 4:00am PDT
? it looks like the u.s. is ramping up by sending missiles into guam. are defense stocks, is that a sector you want to be in right now? - i think that is where you are seeing a lot of the money flow, into defense stocks, real defense stocks and then defensive stocks as well. it is something to watch out for. but this news, like all news, it will be overreacted to, and it will blow over, and then the normal trading will resume. - thanks for being on the show today. we appreciate it. - thank you. 90% of americans don't know that health exchanges to enroll in coverage under the affordable care act open less than six months from now on october 1st. our cover story found that's only the first of many questions still unanswered as to how health reforms will be implimented. health exchanges - nine out of ten americans don't know enrollment starts october 1st. "it does surprise me, but then i'm one of the 90% who don't know about it." october 1st is the day you can sign up for coverage that begins next january. but the director of the non-profit health and disability advocates says there's no need
Apr 3, 2013 2:30pm PDT
danger. that is how the defense secretary has characterized north korean. pyongyang is using some of its toughest language yet leaders have ratified a merciless attack against the united states, including the use of nuclear weapons. >> under military escort, workers left the joint industrial zone today. the two sides are completely isolated from each other. the north says it is back in a state of war. u.s. and south korean forces are testing their strength. >> the pentagon has announced it will deploy advanced missile defense system to the island of guam as a precaution to strengthen regional defense posture. the show of might is meant to deter north korean. today the north says it has given final approval to launch a merciless strikes on the u.s. , possibly with nuclear weapons. >> they have nuclear capacity. ratcheted up bellicose dangerous rhetoric and some of the actions they have taken over the last few weeks, it presents a real and clear danger. crisis, the 29- year-old who dictator, kim jong un. hiss determined to ensure regime's survival. we were given are rare glimpse inside nor
FOX News
Apr 4, 2013 12:00pm PDT
. >> two problems. from a criminal defense perspective. when you have a witness on the stand who starts out as a confidential informant, their credibilityes always suspect. so welcome attack that person. the second thing is anybody who is a member of the good evening or not a member, is going to know once you give somebody up you're as good as dead. they can't put a wig on you and put you in a witness protection program. you'll be found. so it's beg to be very hard to find people to convict these guys. >> some constitutional constraintses will come up. >> the reason for that is, sometimes you got to act without the warrant, and when you do that, good criminal defense attorney is going to come in and attack that. too. that's how you lose cases. but these are exigent circumstances. law enforcement officers are dropping dead point blank. this this very scary. >> shepard: the kind of thing that if people who would do harm start seeing something like this works, god forbid this starts happening. >> they have no -- there's no regard for human life here so they gotting in to lose. >>> in texas, i
Mar 31, 2013 1:25pm EDT
in a -- with a system that is adversarial in nature. the have a prosecutor on the one hand and a defense attorney and the other. if they are both abiding by their legal, ethical code, they're both doing the best job they can in this adversarial system. some of the truth is supposed to emerge in the center of what they do. our system has flaws. probably the ideal of the world. the system that everyone looks to. so i hold no grudge against prosecutors. but i do believe that they're doing their best work. defense attorneys are doing their best work to develop hopefully the truth in the middle and they have the jury system and the judge trying to make sure that everything is done fairly. >> host: do you think there been times and a prosecutor has prosecuted seven a year she thinks is innocent and a public defender has defended somebody who here she thinks is go to? >> yes. let me answer the first part of that. sam mills out is a terrific prosecuting attorney. senator texas. he has written about a case that he tried that he prosecuted. ruby can two in texas. he has regretted it bring in that case as a
Mar 30, 2013 7:00am PDT
that we say we'll provide the offense, you provide the defense. we talk to them about hardening their structures in a defensive measure against wild land fires. a lot of it is public education, survivability, building standards, but predominately our focus is putting the onus on the land owner, putting the onus on the private property owner, we will attempt to protect your home but the days of staying and defending your home and killing our fire fighters are done. we will not stand and defend a house that has not been prepared by a land owner and die for it. we don't do that any more. that's one of our doctrinal changes and we set forth some new guidelines with that. >> thank you. >> question, mr. secretary. >> in a large scale disaster relief, where the military is called in to assist the civilian components there is an obvious issue of how you get the command and control and in particular what telecommunications is used to support that command and control. your exercising together is very critical, i think, to working out command and control but you still have an equipmen
Apr 3, 2013 3:00pm EDT
missile defense systems to the area as defense secretary chuck hagel admits the rogue nation presents, quote, a real and clear danger to america. we'll have the very latest and the fallout to your investments. >> in the meantime, reaction to all this and more from former treasury secretary, paul o'neil, will be joining us, exclusively. you do not want to miss his unique insight into all of these events, coming up a little bit later here on the "closing bell." looking forward to see him. >> let's check where we stand right now as we approach this final stretch. off of the lows, still in double digit decline. down about two-thirds of 1%. pulling back from that record high reached yesterday, on the dow and the s&p. technology, one of the leadership groups on the downside, 3223, last trade there. and the s&p 500 sits at 1526 with a decline of 14 points or so. >> one key sector that's been leading the rally this year so far, the transportation sector. that gave the bulls great comfort. but the index is down for the third straight day and it's now with today's decline below its 50-day movin
Apr 2, 2013 5:00pm EDT
defense capabilities. we will always speak -- we will north koreanase of provocation. if north korea decides to give up its nuclear ambitions and be a member of the international community, we are prepared to resume talks in terms of putting in place of peace process on the korean peninsula. korea needs to make it clear that they are prepared to have a serious discussion about the new -- denuclearization. they know exactly what the goal is. they know exactly what the terms are. we are prepared. president obama has said repeatedly we are prepared to enter into a dialogue and negotiation if they are serious, if they will stop the provocations and engage in serious discussion. we have always said that we would like to try to resolve the problems of the entire peninsula. that means making peace, but making peace does not involve having a nuclear north and disadvantaged republic of korea to the south. they know very well what the terms are. with respect to the question of the convoy, we have an envoy. the ambassador is appointed already, he is here. if the circumstances are correct issues
Apr 4, 2013 2:00am PDT
. in reaction, the u.s. is beefing up antimissile defenses on guam saying they are taking the threats very seriously. here in seoul, south korean students we have been talking to said they are more concerned about final exams than a war hearing these threats all their lives. kim is too weak and too broke to launch a war. they are worried and accident or miscalculation could trigger something. back to you. >> we will watch very closely. jim, thank you. >>> also, this morning new leads in the shooting death of the colorado prison chief. police are looking for two members of white supremacist member games. the spi-year-old thomas and james are not being called suspects. officials are saying their names surfaced during the investigation. both are members of the prison gang, 211 crew. ebel was killed by authorities last week. he's accused of kill iing tom mcclem men. they say the move will not stop the case from moving forward. >>> president obama was in colorado drumming up support for gun control legislation in the wake of sandy hook massacre. it's a measure that's been stalled on capitol hil
Apr 3, 2013 11:00pm PDT
= missile defenses on the pacific island of guam. kron 4's grant lodes has more. despite its string of successful missile tests, pentagon analysts do not believe north korea has the technology to launch a nuclear attack on the u=s. but defense secretary chuck hagel says the u=s cannot afford to take chances. we take those threats seriously. we have to take those threats seriously this is the latest counter=move: truck mounted interceptor missiles are being moved to guam. they will supplement larger defense missiles based in alaska and hawaii. both systems are designed to home in on warheads in the upper atmosphere. according to the army's former chief intelligence officer in south korea, there is not much ogf a chance we will have to use the missile defense. it's completely rhetoric right now based on what we can see into north korea, and we have incredible technical capabilities to read what the north is doing. what we don't do a good job is we've never penetrated their inner workings of governance, it's not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night visio
Mar 28, 2013 10:30pm PDT
an effort to take the temperature of public defense across the country and i visited a lot of public defenders offices, watched a lot of trials and discovered that there was a crisis in the court's that probably all of you are well aware of and really tried to dig in and find out what was going on and where all these problems were arising that we didn't have equal justice 50 years after gideon. what i would like to do is read a little section of the book first and talk for a few minutes and read a brief section. so, the section i'm going to read is in the conclusion because it's about public defenders in a conference i went to with public defenders since i thought there were probably quite a few of you in the audience, you might find it musing. i don't know. the national defenders association opened the conference in washington dc in 2011 addressed the crowd of 300 public defenders with a room with space for many more. does society demonize you? of course. do they suggest you are working for the wrong people? of course they do do they suggest you are work for thugs? of course the
Apr 4, 2013 4:00pm PDT
shoring p the defenses in the region. this is the time of day we typically see some news out of north korea. it's morning there. you're just waking up. what's the mood there today? >> there hasn't been any specific news out of north korea. i can tell that you there isn't any particular massive shift that we're seeing in south korean sentiment. although, we are seeing an incremental change in the tone here. and part of it is as the pentagon is now expressing, concern that the u.s. may be part of the problem. one of the major newspapers here in south korea said that perhaps the show of force by the united states is having the effect of cornering a crazy rat. that rat reference, of course, being the leader. so there is this concern among a minority of south core evens that the u.s. may be part of the problem. certainly this news jake out of the pentagon may at least be appreciated by some here although overwhelmingly most people are appreciating that show of force. >> some officials in the state department and pentagon are talking about the need for the u.s. to dial back the rhetoric a b
Mar 29, 2013 8:00am PDT
fooled me. wow. >>> all right. bombshell testimony from a defense expert who stepped up on to the stand in defense of the woman on the left, jodi arias. she says the man on the right, travis alexander, who is now dead, says that e-mails indicate he had a history of abusing women. we'll look at what those e-mails really said and whether the level is something the jury is really going to seize on. uld sme for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop the
Apr 1, 2013 8:00am PDT
it was extremely unlikely that they would accept a plea deal that was offered by the defense. in that deal, holms would plead guilty and spend the rest of his life in jail, avoiding execution. prosecutors said they haven't been given details they need to consider a plea and also accuse the defense of violating a gag order by making you the plea in a court filing and said it was not a good faith offer. they can now still accept a plea deal later on. the death penalty case could take years to resolve and now holmes' attorneys may launch an insanity defense. they have said in the past that he is mentally ill. that requires mental evaluation and likely will push back the trial which has been set to begin august 5th. thomas? >> lee ann gregg joining us from colorado. joins us is a criminal defense attorney who represented the family of dylan klebold, columbine here is the. just hearing there about the reaction from the prosecution going forward to seeking the death penalty from inside the courtroom and what they thought their merity were for going after that, what is your reaction from the defense sid
Mar 31, 2013 10:00am PDT
, belligerent tone. it has ratcheted up, the danger. >> chris: defense secretary chuck hagel responding to north korea's threat of war against the u.s. and south korea. and, it is time for our sunday group, bill kristol of the weekly standard. mara liasson of national public radio. republican strategist ed gillespie and charles lane, of the "washington post." well, kim jong-un the young leader of north korea was quoted friday as ordering his missile units to be ready to strike the u.s. and south korea, and the photo was released. kim meeting with top north korean generals with a chart showing the trajectory of their missiles, hitting major american cities. what is his game? bill? >> who knows but it's not good. i mean, murdered, starved millions of their own people, that regime and now, proliferated nuclear weapons, and, once again, the israeli strike on the syrian nuclear weapons plant in 2007, that was given to them by north korea. and, even if you discount north korea, they are containable and will not destroy the regime by attacking us, they can proliferate weapons of mass destruction and nu
Apr 3, 2013 5:00pm EDT
of democracy now taking your comments nad tweet. live on book tv on c-span 2. hagel said the defense department will need across-the- board cuts that may effect morale and said the north korea rhetoric is a real danger to the u.s. he spoke for nearly an hour. >> thank you very much. i am -- i am very proud. to be here, among all of you. who give so much every day. and continue to contribute to our country and making a better world. for a fancy general to give such an overstated introduction to a retired army sgt, his -- [laughter] >> is something that i rarely get but i am very appreciative of the generous introduction and to you, general, and your staff, thank you for what you continue to do for our country and this institution, which i think is as important for our country and the development of our leaders but the leaders of other nations represented here today. it is one of the wisest investments our country has made and continues to make in developing leaders and helping other nations develop their leaders, not just on military doctrine but the princples and values of mutual respect and di
Apr 4, 2013 5:00pm EDT
defense undersecretary for the obama administration. certain in that capacity from 2009 until 2012. , are wey flournoy mobilizing for war? no, absolutely not. what you're seeing is a regular exercise we hold a most every year. i think there is a desire on the part of the administration to signal our strong support and close ties to south korea and so forth. if anything, right now everybody thes to try to turn down tensions. >> are these tensions different than in the past? >> they are and they aren't. seen cycles of provocation before from north korea, both from the previous leader in the previous leader before that. what is new this time is that we have a new, young, inexperienced leader in place it was right now very worried about consolidating his own , and some with play two constituencies but is also an experienced in terms of knowing how to manage this. the worry is that because about lack of experience experience, he could potentially miscalculate. >> me know that as a strong party, -- we know this is a strong party. every time we see a change of power in north korea, we hav
FOX Business
Mar 29, 2013 10:00pm EDT
ahead. a big win for the defense tea. yes, i said for the defense. "dobbs law" taking the case up with two attorneys. well, let's turn first to the present and his call for increased spending. he was in florida today. the environmental protection agency proposing new regulations on gasoline which would raise the price of gasy as much as $0.9 per gallon. fox news senior white house correspondent with our report. >> reporter: as the president headed to miami to propose infrastructure spending and but got a cool reception from republicans on capitol hill, the epa proposed new regulations for cleaner gasoline and less polluting cars that drew hot coination from the oil industry. critics claim bad timing. >> i would say only if gasoline prices were really love and the economy were booming does that sound like a reasonable proposition. >> reporter: epa says the gasoline change reducing sulphur by two-thirds would not go into effect for four years and would have the pollution impact of taking 30 million cars off the road. the agency says the change would cost about a penny per gallon. cr
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Mar 31, 2013 3:00pm PDT
states response because, first, the defense secretary hagel announced we are beef up our missile defense along the border with alaska and this week, or in alaska, along the border with russia, and this week we sent as you can see, a pair of stealth bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons all the way from missouri to military exercises over south korea. ed, sensible reaction by the pentagon? overreaction? >> a sensible reaction. in addition to that it would be good for the administration to not only boost our own missile defense but to support japan and south korea with missile defense. bill's point is they are nervous, understandably, and doing everything we can to reassure them would be helpful and obviously, trying to get china to engaze in their region in a way that would be helpful with kim jong-un would be important, too. >>chris: i will pick up on china in a second. your thoughts about the united states response and we can do? >> president obama's response to north korea has been throughout the presidency not to rise to the bait and that has been a good approach so far and send
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Apr 2, 2013 4:00pm PDT
diareas. today the judge removed juror number 5. there is a back story here. defense attorneys said they have learned that this prosecutor was signing autographs and posing for photos outside the courtroom ito style. the judge in the jodi arias trial questioned each and every juror about that issue. that's when the defense said juror number 5, a woman in her 30's engaged in misconduct. making statements that could have swayed the rest of the jury. defense attorneys did not elaborate. the judge denied their request for a retrial but she did dismiss that juror. and today when the court broke for lunch, she had extra instructions for the jury. >> i'm going to ask security to escort you out a different door for purposes of the lunch hour and that you convene in a different location. we will tell you where that will be. just so that you can avoid the front of the court building. >> shepard: in other words, keep a safe distance from the media circus. of course, jodi arias said on the stand that she killed her ex in self-defense but does not remember stabbing him 27 times and certainly doe
Apr 4, 2013 8:00am PDT
to be the secretary of defense that was wrong once. >> defense secretary chuck hagel calls it dangerous. the north's threat to attack. [ speaking foreign language ] >> north korean tv announces america's hostility will be smashed by mersless operation from the north. south creigh yea saying they have a missile close to the coast. it won't be able to hit the u.s. this is new video shot today of the u.s. military's 23rd battalion taking part in an antichemical bill. yesterday, the u.s. announced they were speeding up the deployment to guam two years ahead of schedule. they sent b-52 bombers over there twice to monitor the north's actions. just how real is the north's threat of attack? here is former u.s. ambassador moments ago on "jansing & co." >> it's dangerous. all the actions over the kim dynasty in north korea, i don't think we have seen anything like this coming from out of there. >> richard eveninger is in south korea with more. >> reporter: people in seoul are trying to brush it off. the currency dropped. the stock market lost value. what happened today was, according to the south korean def
Apr 3, 2013 5:30pm PDT
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: defense secretary chuck hagel called on north korea to cool its rhetoric, after it barred hundreds of south korean workers from a factory complex on the border. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" tonight, we examine the strategic and economic significance of the shutdown and the heightened tensions. >> ifill: then, we get two views about the safety of oil pipelines, after a rupture in arkansas last week forced the evacuation of more than 20 homes. >> woodruff: jeffrey brown examines the impact of across- the-board federal spending cuts on scientific research. >> ifill: john merrow reports on a kentucky school district that's spending less time testing students and more time on projects like building rockets. >> are they learning? yes. i feel like they're probably learning more than they ever would just sitting there hearing me tell them about a certain section of textbook. >> woodruff: we get the latest on an arizona man freed from prison after 42 years, when new evidence
Apr 3, 2013 3:00pm PDT
-american rally with thousands of students chanting "let's kill." south korea's defense minister advised the north to tamp down its rhetoric. >> ( translated ): i am warning north korea to stop its threats. i want to announce here that we have a full military readiness posture. it is important for the south korean people not to be agitated by north korea's threats, because we have a firm military posture. >> ifill: and, speaking in washington today, defense secretary chuck hagel said the u.s. must remain vigilant. >> i don't want to be the secretary of defense who was wrong once. so we will continue to take these threats seriously. i hope the north will rachet this very dangerous rhetoric down. there is a pathway that is responsible for the north to get on a path to peace, but they've got to be a responsible member of the world community. >> ifill: defense department officials announced this afternoon the u.s. is sending a land-based missile defense system to guam in response to rising north korean threats. in the past two days, the pentagon has also sent guided missile destroyers to the western p
Apr 1, 2013 5:00pm EDT
was missile defense. and it has been -- [inaudible] forward to the how many years. i don't know. so that has not been blamed i think with russia. i think with russia, we need to be much more engaged in order to do so -- [inaudible] the question of tehran. that is a concern they have. i wasn't in moscow the week before this, -- no two weeks before this, i met with piewten and i see a sentiment -- [inaudible] it's not better. the united states to see the -- et. cetera. and my fear that make it cooler with the relation to tehran we make in agreement be 500 miracle really. for such a long period of time in agreement. now the moment of -- [inaudible] we have together which it was very difficult, but i don't see that the how this the level of constructic work together. i think it diminished. >> i would say you can argue it either way. in the end, i think the collapse of assad makes a nuclear deal more likely. the supreme leader will feel more likely to make tactical concessions in order to relieve further isolation of pressure. of course that's not going to change fundamental interest in acquiring
Mar 31, 2013 9:00pm EDT
, defense, domestic spending can be cut or at least will be cut. what we haven't shown is any willing tons combine tax increases and entitlement cuts in a meaningful way. the president says he wants it. it's hard for me to see how the politics have change sod much that because someone wants it it will happen. host: what are the odds a grand bargain happens? >> much less than 50/50. guest: if you look at the chairman of the budget committee and the chairman of the house budget committee and what they are proposing, i view them as a group together that e bline to facts and deaf to reason. the democrats believe we don't have to do something about social security and medicare and medicaid and you can trim them here and there but they are not growing at an unsustainable rate. if you look @ republicans, they have fanciful notion of how to constrain the cost that are from the land of oz. a good one being give granny a voucher. right now we have competition in the sense that big employers like yours and mine go out and negotiate with insurance companies for rates and in turn they negotiate with pr
Apr 4, 2013 10:00am EDT
we're doing. we take our responsibility seriously. we take our defense of the second amendment seriously. we take the concerns of our members and the citizens of this country as seriously as any organization that any of you have ever seen. most of you here, many of you here are members of the nra, many of you are life members, many have been member for decades. those who aren't and even some of you who are, when you go on the street and ask someone about the nra, they think of us in term as the advocacy mission. we're the organization that defends the second amendment. that's a core part of the mission of the national rifle association but that is only part of it. the nra was formed in 1871 by a group of former union generals who saw during the several war that the american understanding and facility with firearms had decreased as people from europe who moved in with no firearms background, from a culture who did not use guns and the nra was the answer to that to make you are sure that americans in the future would have the same skills and same familiarity and the same apprecia
Mar 31, 2013 6:00pm PDT
arguments on the federal defense of marriage act, north carolina senator kay hagan became the 49th senator to come out in support of gay marriage despite the fact that voters in her district came out against it. first, mark, i would like to why why you would think -- you think public opinion on this issue has shifted so dramatically. >> i think the key question is do you know, work with or have a relative who is gay? that number is a direct link to how people feel about same-sex marriage. the more likely they are to know, have a relative, have a good friend, work with somebody who is gay or lesbian, the more welcome and excepting they are, and understanding. that has been part of the divide, andl that has been the key. >> and the reason people know or have friends or family who are gay is because 10 or 20 years ago gave people decided, and the pioneers were extremely courageous, in coming out, even at a time when there was a lot of disapproval and it could hurt them in their lives and careers. and once that started, an example was set. it became a lot easier, so now with people out in the
Apr 3, 2013 6:30pm PDT
is on the defensive. >> in future, we will do everything we can to prevent conflict between public and private interests and to ensure the disclosure and control of the wealth of ministers and parliamentarians. the government will introduce legislation to parliament in the coming weeks. >> on tuesday, the minister of knowledge he had owned and undeclared bank account for years, an account which now holds some 600,000 euros after denials before parliament. >> did you have a bank account in switzerland or not? >> i do not have one and i never did. >> the affair is especially embarrassing because he was the minister charged with tracking down french tax dodgers. some are already calling for hollande's resignation. >> with the political stakes so high in france right now, let's go to our correspondent. a politician hiding his well as french citizens face rising unemployment and austerity measures. how is the public reacting? >> you can imagine. i think the most damaging thing has just been the way he lied. he issued they're faced lie over barefaced lies. not just on the media but i and parliament
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